My top 10 worst experiences on broad a taxi in France.

Hi everyone, How are you today?, my name is Tim and this time I want to tell you some stories about my trips to France, in all the times I’ve visited this country I´ve had good and bad experiences, and the worst have been when I get into a taxi.  This may sound funny and a little a bit crazy for some people, but in my first trips I had a lot of confusions.

My number ten story stars the first time that I visited this country, I traveled to Paris andI got off the plane and when I left the airport, I stopped a taxi and asked to the taxi driver to take me to the nearest hotel because I was tired and I needed to sleep, when I started to ask him to take me to the nearest hotel the taxi driver just stood there watching, I thought he was deaf or paralyzed because he didn`t react to my request so I spoke to him again. When I finished speaking he just said to me “Sorry so, I can not understand what you say, better call a translator”, I was ashamed because I had listened to recordings to understand french but I never spoke, I thought that I had the best french but it turned out I needed to practice back at home.

I returned to Paris 4 months after my first time, and this time I was ready, I had practiced my french and chatted with friend that I met in my firts trip, the moment was mine, I felt enpowered because I could speak the language very well, but I did not know that day would be another bad experience in a taxi, I arrived to the airport and I stopped a taxi again, I asked to be taken to the nearest hotel as fast as possible because an important meeting was waiting for me, on theway a girl got into the taxi and carried a luggage just like mine. I had finally arrived to the hotel and it was a little bit lateto get to my meeting, I hurriedly lowered my suitcase form the taxi and closed the door, when the taxi left I did not notice at the time but the label on the suitcase said the girl´s name I said “Oh my God, My luggage still on the taxi”, I ran as fast as I could behind the taxi and it stopped at a traffic light, I was tired of running behind it, the taxi driver laughed at me for a momento and gave me the suitcase, I apologized to the girl also and I went back to my hotel.

Later on that day I stopped a taxi again, I asked the taxi driver to take me to the addressof my meeting, when we got to the street of the address there were three new buildings all those three were white and I couldn´t tell wich of the three was it. I asked to the taxi driver if he had brought people lately, he told me I was the first person that he saw going in to these buildings. I asked him to take me back to the hotel and start again since I needed to get to my meeting, when we got back I still didn´t know what was the building. I felt bad because I could not find the place of my meeting and the taxi driver needed to keep working, suddenly I saw my friends trying to find me, I thanked the taxi driver and got out f the taxi. I had two bad experiences on one day, and those two became the number nine and eight.

There were two years since my last time in Paris and the next time I traveled with my sister, she wanted to visit the capital of France, it was her dream since she was a child and as her older brother I was good and I brought her with me in my next trip. She was happy because her dream was a reality, I wanted to impress her for everything I have known about Paris in my first trips, as always when we leaved the airport I asked for a taxi to take us to the hotel where I always stayed. On the way she went with her mini-camera taking pictures to the monuments and streets where we traveled, she wanted to show all the pictures to my mom and her friends, I was distracted for a moment as I was listening to my favorite songs on my cell phone, I could not imagine what would happend when we arrived to the hotel. At the moment we arrived, we got out the taxi and I took out my wallet to pay to the taxi driver, at that time of looking for the money, my skin cooled to see that I had no cash to pay, the taxi driver thought I was playing a joke but after some time he saw I was telling the truth, I asked to take me to the nearest ATM, when I could finally pay to him. This was my top seven worst experience in taxi.

We traveled a lot in a taxi in Paris, she was able to meet my friends and to know new places like the Eiffel Tower and the Pantheon. We were ready to go to the airport again and take the flight home, outside of the hotel we called several taxis, but none of them wanted to take us since they said the traffic to the airport was quite heavy and they did not wanted to waste time there. We waited for an hour and a half until a taxi could take us to the airport, the driver told us he could take us but the price was high. I spent enough and also the trip take another hout to arrive to the airport, my sister and I said goodbay to Paris that day, quite tired being that the top six worst experience.

The top five experience starts when I visited the city of Nice, it was my first time there, I was on vacations with my grilfriend, we were going to the beach and relax a little bit, we went in a taxi and she brouhgt a towel to use it later, we were both excited because it was our first time on a beach so beautiful, when we got out of the taxi she did not realize and part of the towel was inside of the car. She closed the door and the taxi left, at that momento we noticed the towel was not with us, we could see the taxi at the distance with the towel waving in the air. We could not go swimming because we lost the only towel we had that day.

During the vacations I had the to four worst experience, I went to buy some chocolates for my girlfriend, she loves them so much and I wanted to give her a big surprise, I had heard there was a place in Nice that makes the best chocolates in the world, so I went there and bought the rose-shaped ones, I returned happily in taxi with the chocolates, the driver told me he was new in the business, he passed through a street with ups and downs and when I arrived to the hotel the chocolates were destoyed and melted, I was angry because the surprise was ruined, the driver said “Ups”. However I was able to give the chocolates to her and despite the appearance, she loved all of them.

I went back to France a year after my vacations with my girlfriend, I started to think that the worst experiences in that country happened during my trips in a taxi. One day I was talking with one of my colleagues and I told him about my experiences in Paris and Nice, he told me they were only my thoughts and these things happen to everybody. I spent two months in Paris that time and in the second month I went to do some shopping and I was wearing a new coat because it was a very cold day, the taxi arrived and I got into it. On the way to the supermarket I took of my coat to look for my glasses, we arrived to the supermarket and I remembered that I had taken off my coat but I checked my pockets and I said “Oh my God, Not again”, “My glasses were gone”. I had to spend the trip without being able to read because my vision isn´t good, I already felt a bad feeling every time I got into a taxi.

One day I was thinking, you don´t have to use a taxi again, you have to walk is healty for you. My girlfriend told me is better to take a taxi because I can be in my work early. I got married with her, now she is my wife, she got a new job in Paris and my company offered me a new job in Paris too, we decided to move and live here.

It was winter in Paris, the weather was so cold, and I could not walk to work that day, so I didn´t have other option to call a cap, I surprised because that trip in taxi was quiet, there were not problems and I did not forget any of my things in the car. Everything changed after work. I called a taxi again and the person drove the longest way and got several people on the road, he made the decision to take them first and I said in my mind “That´s Ok”, when I was the last one the taxi driver did not leave me near my home, he left me 4 blocks before my street he refused to keep going as the neighborhood was to far for him. I was angry and tired, the only thing I did was to leave the money on the back seat and get out of the vehicle I did not want to argue with him or anybody else. I walked to my home, and I told everything to my wife, I considered the idea to go to driving classes.

At this point of my story, I can think that nothing worse else could happen so far. I was so mistaken because the top one of the worst experience was one day at work, I was with mycolleagues discussing about the projects for the new year and one of them wanted to go and get some coffee, so I decided to join him because I like to drink one cup of coffee with my breakfast. When we returned from the coffee house it began to rain, then we decided to take a taxi in that way we wouldn´t arrive to work dirty or wet and we could arrive fast and ready for breakfast. The rain was falling harder, it started to flash and the clouds were becoming darker and darker, the traffic lights stopped working, at that momento the taxi driver was driving faster and the streets were slicker. Suddenly two uncontrolled turns and the coffees fell on top of us, when we got out of the taxi, we were wet f coffee and we could note at very well. After that we couldn´t go to a meetting that was scheduled for that afternoon.

Today I don´t take a taxi to tavel around the city, now I have a car that I use. When I go to another country I´ve got to rent a car. I must say I learned so much about those experiences because nothing of that happen again, some were funny and others were quite embarrassing. My wife always reminds me that time in Nice, but she knows that was our mistake. I was really great to tell you all of this, I hope you guys have learned about this stories.